CND Shellac For Nails

Introducing CND Shellac For Nails

CND Shellac for nails boasts fourteen or more days wear, intensive colour, a beautiful mirror shine finish, zero dry time and easy removal so I thought it was time to investigate this brand a little more to find out how they emerged to become one of the leaders in the nail industry and what makes their products so good for professionals to use. 

What’s The History Behind The Brand?
You might expect such a well-known brand as CND Shellac to have emerged from within the beauty industry but you’d be wrong. Strangely enough this brand emerged from a dentist’s office. Dr Stuart Nordstrom, the brains behind the popular CND Shellac collection, was doing dental work one day when his client remarked on the smell of material being used to create temporary caps. Apparently, it smelled like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails. Well that was all that Dr Nordstrom needed to create SolarNail which was the first product he delivered to the beauty industry.

SolarNail delivered natural, non-yellowing nail colour along with greater nail strength. It was just what the nail industry needed and sales rocketed. As with most new products, soon SolarNail wasn’t such an innovation anymore but Nordstrom continued to use his smart chemistry skills and passion from his initial success to create one innovation after another until today the CND Shellac range is one of the most innovative ranges available to the beauty industry.

What’s In The CND Shellac Collection?
The CND Shellac Collection has been specially designed to offer a professional, comprehensive nail system. The first product in the range is the Shellac Base Coat. This provides a superior adhesion layer in preparation for the Shellac Colour Coat and cures in just ten seconds for added convenience. Next up is the legendary CND Shellac Power Polish which is applied with the ease of a polish but wears like a gel. It comes in a wide selection of colours, dries instantly and has a beautiful mirror shine finish. It is also resistant to chips, nicks and smudges, giving fourteen days of durable colour. Complete the look with CND Shellac’s Top Coat which provides a scratch-resistant, hand wearing finish.

Image Credit: Lip Gloss Junkie

The CND Shellac Collection also includes a specifically engineered UV lamp. Designed to complete the cure and improve wearability, the Shellac UV Lamp is the perfect size and shape for drying a whole hand or foot of nails quickly and easily. It includes four programmable timers, an interior fan and even has a bulb replacement indicator along with a 7ft removable cord, easy to clean surface and added handle for easy transportation – now that’s the convenience we professionals need.

Nordstrom at CND Shellac has also factored in clients coming back to the salon for re-application too. Thanks to the specially designed Shellac Remover Wraps, exposure to acetone is limited to just the nail instead of the fingers too and removal for the colour is easy and hassle free – there’s no need for soaking, filing or drilling.

Don’t just take my word for the awesome-ness of CND Shellac for nails though – They’ve won a number of industry awards. One of their most recent is the 2012 Nails Reader’s Choice Awards where CND Shellac was named the absolute favourite brand in a whopping 11 categories including Favourite Polish.

What more could any professional want from a brand? CND Shellac offers a great choice of colours and an easy to use and convenient system for both yourself and the client.