Command a Higher Price for your Manicures by Making them Luxury

luxury manicureManicures range in price from as low as £8 for a budget manicure up to £60 for a luxury manicure.  So what does the customer get that is different? Well the answer is all about walking away not only with beautifully manicured nails but a positive experience where the customer feels pampered. We’ve put together some top tips for how you can adapt your standard manicure to be a more luxurious one:

The Welcoming Experience
The customer’s luxurious treatment should begin the moment they walk in the door. Greet them personally and offer them refreshment – a glass of bubbly is ideal although have non-alcoholic options available too such as flavoured water and fruit juice. Greeting your client may be difficult if they are early and you are with another client. It’s therefore import to try and keep to your appointment schedule and factor in a few minutes between appointments where you can tidy up and prepare for your next client.

Offer a Consultation
The first thing you should do is have a consultation with your client. This will obviously be more in-depth with a new client than an existing one but try to address their nail behaviour, nail type and what their goal is from this manicure and their future nail-related goals. For existing clients, find out whether they liked the last treatment or nail colour you used and talk to them about colours, nail shapes and other things that they might be interested in.

Keep it Professional
Often in spas and salons where luxury manicures are offered, clients will get a more professional service. It is about letting the client talk, if they want to and not spending too much time talking yourself. Focus on what your client wants to talk about and make any interaction about them and not you and your life. Always be polite and whatever you do, don’t swear or curse for any reason.

Additional Services
Often luxury manicures might include services that are not offered in a standard manicure. A simple hand massage with oil or moisturiser, an additional nail treatment or some samples of creams to take home could be all that is needed to offer that little bit extra luxury to your client.

By adapting your standard manicure with these few additional features will allow you to reap more profits – the ultimate goal of any nail technician.