How to complete a Sparkly Halloween Nail Art Design

We love halloween at Next Step, its a time when you can get really creative with clients nails and they love them! I sat down with Victoria Barrett to show you how to create a simple, easy to apply but effective sparkly halloween nail art design. Watch our video below and remember we would love to see your designs too!

Creating your halloween nail art design:

  1. Varnish the nail tip using a green base
  2. Add horizontal lines (vertically across the nail)
  3. Change the angle of the brush and add more lines to create a spider web effect
  4. Leave a space between the lines to be able to add gems
  5. Add a clear coat across the entire nail to seal
  6. Add gems to your nail design making sure the gems are not to close to the cuticle
  7. Seal by adding another clear coat to the entire nail

Its simple, quick and effective. Try it yourself and upload some pictures to our Facebook page!