Contra-actions Associated with Nail Extensions

The following table lists the causes and solutions of the main Contra-actions associated with nail extensions.

Contra-action: “An unwanted reaction occurring during or after treatment application.”

Natural nail has been thinned by constant filing.

Ensure you use correct grit files when prepping the nail and use in the direction of the nail growth only. Use a light touch when blending tips, and when filing nails near the cuticle area during maintenance.

Natural nail has been thinned by over priming.

Follow the manufactures guidelines for applying primer, and make sure the nail plate is dry before applying product, Make sure you select the correct primer for each system.

Natural nail not dehydrated before product application.

Always carry out nail prep before tip application, and again before application, this will ensure all oil and moisture is removed from the nail plate.

Product has lifted and moisture is trapped between layers.

Make sure product application has been carried out properly, this is to include, correct nail preparation and tip application. If there are signs of lifting during maintenance and it cannot be rectified during the treatment or is too severe it is best to remove the nail completely, cleanse and reapply.

Nail plate is wet before product is applied.

Try to avoid carrying out a lengthy manicure just before applying nail extensions, as the moisture will get trapped in the surrounding skin and nail. Make sure the preparation you do before hand leaves the nails totally dry and dehydrated.

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