Eating Your Way to Healthy Nails

Both your finger nails and toe nails are Mother Nature’s way of offering your finger tips and the tips of your toes protection from injury. However nails do not simply look after themselves and just like every other aspect of your body, what you eat can influence the health of your nails. So whether you are simply looking to maintain your nails, strengthen them or grow them, here are some ideas of what you should be eating to aid the process.

Dairy Products
One of the key nutrients required for nail growth is calcium. This can be found in a wide range of dairy foods such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk, cheese and yogurt. These foods also contain compounds including the B vitamin biotin, which can help improve the natural structure of your nails, strengthening them and reducing brittleness too.

Beans and Lentils
Beans and lentils are high in both protein and iron. The iron in this type of foods reduces anaemia which can lead to a condition called as koilonychia, more commonly referred to as spoon nails. This condition causes nails to grow in an inverted spoon shape and be very soft, prone to breaking. By eating plenty of iron-rich beans and lentils, you can help to avoid this condition. The protein within these foods, can help strengthen the nail plates too.

Meats are also a good source of protein and red meats such as lamb, beef and venison are also rich in iron. Just as beans and lentils can help avoid conditions such as spoon nails, so can eating these meats, along with chicken and seafood too.

Green Vegetables
Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage are high in both iron and calcium, both of which we’ve already ascertained are required in your diet for healthy nails.

healthy nails

image Credit: whologwhy

Nuts and Grains
If you want strong nails that aren’t brittle or easily broken, then ensuring your diet contains a range of nuts and grains is vital. These types of foods contain the B vitamin biotin, protein and some calcium, all of which will help you achieve strong, healthy nails. Peanuts and almonds are especially rich in biotin whilst most fortified breakfast cereals and whole wheat bread will make a welcome addition to your diet too.

So by including a good balance of all the above types of food into your diet, you can actually eat your way to healthy, stronger nails without the need for additional nail care products.