Essential Nail Art Tools: Dotting Tool

Passionate about the beauty industry, especially all things nails, we thought that we’d take a look at the various tools that nail technicians in the UK are using to offer nail art services to their clients. Here we take a look at a popular dotting tool.

Why Do You Need a Dotting Tool?
For those who are new to the nail industry, a dotting tool is an essential for those wishing to offer nail art services to their clients. The most obvious reason to use a dotting tool is to allow you to create dots in your nail art designs. However they can also be used to create other more elaborate designs too such as hearts and flowers as well as being a useful alternative to tip guides when applying French manicures.

The Features of the Born Pretty 5×2 Way Dotting Tool
There is a lot of hype within the industry at the moment about the variety of dotting tools available and the pros and cons of each type and brand. We’ve recently seen a number of nail technicians promoting the use of the Born Pretty 5×2 Way Dotting Tool so though that we’d take a look and highlight the main features of the set for you.

The set contains five separate tools which are bought together in a pack. Each has a different sized head and allows you to do a variety of nail art tasks. The largest headed dotting tool are ideal for creating hearts, dots and flowers whilst the slightly smaller heads are suitable for applying glue and picking up rhinestones or gems for use in nail art.

The medium sized dotting tool has been designed to make creating swirls and zig zags a breeze whilst the one of the tools has a pointed edge – ideal for marbeling.

The set is ergonomically designed making them easy to hold, even for long periods whilst the plastic handle is both hygienic and durable. Each of the five tools features a coloured swirl pattern to not only make them look stylish but to allow you to easily differentiate them from one another whilst working.

Overall we were pleased with the Born Pretty 5×2 way dotting tool and at a great entry level price point it is ideal for those starting out in their career as a nail art professional. However there are a lot of great alternatives available to buy too.