Fibreglass – Yes or No???

Fibreglass nails are one of the nail systems that can be forgotten about, resulting in many salons now only offering the Acrylic and UV Gel systems which really is a crying shame. As a nail technician myself I can honestly say that there is definitely still a place in the market for the fiberglass technique and it is a great asset to your business. You, as a nail tech, need to understand the benefits of fibreglass and how to market this nail system to your clients which is why I have put this short blog together!

Fibreglass is the perfect way to strengthen or enhance the natural nail, creating a really natural clean and fresh finish. It can also be used to repair broken or split nails allowing the nail to grow up and out. I have been a nail technician for over 10 years now and have always found fibreglass to be the easiest system to apply to the nails so always recommended this system to new nail technicians when attending our nail courses. If you can help your clients understand the benefits and the reasons for using it then the treatment will sell itself.

Here are a few benefits of using the Fibreglass system:

  1. Natural finish
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Quick removal time
  4. Repairs broken/split nails
  5. Most flexible nail system
  6. Can be used underneath UV Gel or acrylic to strengthen the nail

The products used are:

  1. Fiberglass mesh- a fine material with large weaves which is placed over the nail plate to add the strength, stork scissors are used to cut and trim to fit the nail
  2. Resin- this secures and seals the mesh in place
  3. Spray setter- must be sprayed at least 15 cm away from the nail, this will harden the resin and seal and secure everything in place
  4. Stork scissors- small sharp scissors used to cut the mesh.

Treatments to offer:

  1. Natural nail overlay- perfect to strengthen and allow the natural nails to grow
  2. Natural nail repair- ideal for fixing a broken or split nail, this will hold and allow the nail to grow up and out
  3. Full set of extensions- a technique that will enhance the nails, leaving them looking long but yet still with a natural finish.

Its definitely a system not to be missed, remember every client and their needs are different so make sure you can offer something suitable for everyone by becoming qualified in all 3 nail systems.