The guide to perfect polish application

Its every girls nightmare…………….. Trying to get your favourite polish to last longer than just 3 days without chipping or peeling. Well fear no longer, get yourself prepped and ready for the festive period ahead.

Here I have put together some basic step by step points to help you achieve that longer lasting polish, just in time for those Christmas parties!

STEP 1- Preparation is key

Ensure all old nail varnish is removed from the nail plate using a non acetone polish remover, secondly use a cuticle hoof or wooden stick wrapped with cotton wool to gentle push back any excess cuticle. This will help clear the nail plate and created an even area for polishing.

STEP 2- Shaping of the nail

Shaping is a very important stage that can often be forgotton, simply take a 240 grit file, use in one direction in slow long strokes, choosing either a round, square or squavel (square but rounded slightly at the corners). Once you are happy that all nails are the same length and shape check the free edge of the nails that there are no rough edges, if needed gently use the file to file away.

STEP 3- Cleaning the nail

It is vital that the nail plate has no excess oil or residue on it. Take a nail lint free wipe ensuring that you do not touch the nail plate afterwards with your fingers as this will add oil back onto the nail plate.

STEP 4- Polishing

Apply a base coat using the three stroke rule, one stroke down the centre of the nail, and 1 either side and allow to fully dry.

Secondly apply the first layer of coloured polish, leaving a small margin around the side walls and cuticle. Using your brush begin in the centre of the nail using the belly of the brush and pulling back towards the free edge, then turn your brush to a slight angle and slowly brush from the side of the nail to the free edge and then repeat on the other side and then seal the free edge with one stroke. Allow the first layer to dry and apply a second layer exactly the same ensuring there is a clear even margin around the cuticle and side walls.

One top tip would be not to apply any more than 4 strokes to one nail as this can make the nail polish too thick and will therefore not dry properly.

STEP 5- Sealing

After 10 minutes apply a clear top coat using the same technique and again sealing the free edge with one stroke. It is very important to allow time for the top coat to fully dry before attempting to get on with your daily tasks. Complete the nail with a small amount of cuticle oil to the surrounding cuticle.

I would then advise you to reapply a clear top coat every 3-4 days to prevent chipping of the nail polish.