How to fix your broken pressed powder make-up

How to fix your broken pressed powder make-up:

Isn’t it annoying when your in a rush to get ready, you grab for your pressed powder and accidently drop it on the floor smashing it into pieces! Well fear not….. I am about to show you a quick and simple way to fix your pressed powder and therefore save face J

Just collect these ingredients below and follow 5 easy steps and your pressed powder will be back to normal in no time.


• 70% alcohol (any alcohol but try and keep it a clear alcohol)

• Plastic Wrap (Cling film is a good option)

• Eyeliner brush

• Pipette

• Spatula (or flat knife optional)


₁  Take your broken pressed powder and wrap the cling film around it. You want it to be tight enough so that no excess powder will come out but loose enough so that there is some give to the cling film.

₂  Using your spatula break up all the powder so that its smashed into tiny pieces. If there are any bigger pieces they need to be fully broken up.

₃  Get your alcohol, put it into the pipette and remove the cling film on your powder. Add the alcohol slowly using your pipette add a few drops at a time making sure the mixture turns into a paste….. but make sure it’s not too runny or it will not dry out properly.

₄  Once again use your spatula to smooth the mixture flat. Get it nice and even and looking as it was before you broke it in the first place.

₅  Perfect the edges but smoothing them with your eyeliner brush…………………..

Allow your pressed powder to dry and there you have it………. Your pressed powder will be as new once again J

Emma Gibson xx