Make it an Aztec Summer

When it comes to the fashion, it changes every season. In recent summers we have seen gladiator sandals, maxi dresses and the feather inspired bohemian look but this summer there is something much more colourful being lined up for us – Aztec styling.

What is Aztec?
Maybe instead of ‘what is Aztec?’, the real questions should be ‘who are the Aztecs?’. The Aztecs were people who lived in Tenochtitlan, today known as Mexico City, in the 14th to 16th centuries. Their empire consisted of a number of tribal people who shared a common language and came together to defend their lands. They had a unique style of art which is what has inspired the current Aztec fashion trend.

Aztec Clothing
The Aztec trend is commonly found for the summer both online and in the high street. The style varies greatly but the staple pieces of clothing that dictates the style of the summer seems to be the short, tight skirts which feature Aztec inspired prints. The skirts typically end mid-knee and have a body-con style. They vary is design from muted brown and black toned prints to more colourful ones. They predominantly feature the iconic Aztec zigzag design.

Aztec Jewellery
The Aztecs were famous for impressive metal jewellery which featured everything from curves to zigzag designs. Some were cut in these shapes whilst others had these designs imprinted or engraved onto them. This style of jewellery will also play a key part for the summer with faux gold and bronze metals being the most popular to achieve the Aztec look.

Aztec Nails
The Aztec theme isn’t just confined to the fashion arena though, it also comes into the beauty industry this summer thanks to fabulous Aztec inspired nail art. The style is not easy to achieve at home due to the complex nature of it but in professional salons, some amazing Aztec inspired themes can be created. Think bright colours such as green, yellow, pink and purple teamed with black and even white. Dots, zigzags, strips – your look needs to have it all to look authentic this summer.

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So what are you waiting for, take a look at the Aztec clothing available for the summer such as bikinis, skirts and even vest tops. Add your favourite Aztec inspired nail art and create a truly unique look which is sure to catch the eye.