What Your Nail Colour Says About You

nail_It’s a fact of life that people are stereotyped every day of their life. People jump to conclusions about you based on your clothing, the car you drive, the job you do, where you live, how you wear your hair and on a whole host of other factors too. But have you ever considered what people automatically assume based on the colour of your nail varnish? Well it’s true that what colour you wear, even on your nails can say a lot about your personality. I’m therefore going to take this opportunity to share with you a few of my favourite nail varnish colours and what those colours say about your personality.

Red – Red is the colour of energy and evokes feelings of strength and power. It is ideal for creating a visual impact and is a great way for grabbing someone’s attention. Red nail varnish will therefore symbolise your strength and outspoken nature. However red can also represent feistiness and aggression so be careful wear you decide to wear it.

Purple – The colour purple can be associated with wealth, wisdom and sophistication so is a great shade of nail varnish to wear. Rich, warm tones are more elegant so avoid pastel lilac shades unless at the height of summer, as they can appear a little juvenile.

Pink – The meaning of the colour pink primarily depends on the shade you are wearing. Soft or pastel pinks are associated with tranquillity and love, making them ideal for everyday occasions. Brighter shades represent the more fun and outlandish side of your personality.

Orange – The colour orange is associated with fun and ambition. It is the perfect colour of nail varnish to make a bold statement and will also allow you to convey the more fun side of your character.

Green – Not everyone can carry off green nail varnish but if you can, this colour represents nature and more specifically generosity and peace. Pale shades of green can be calming whilst brighter shades, a little more flamboyant.

Blue – As with pink, what your blue nail varnish says about you depends on the shade you wear. Pastel blue shades evoke calmness and serenity whilst more eye-catching shades are associated with intelligence, trust and efficiency. Perhaps this makes blue a good shade to wear to the office.

Black – Black is the colour associated with authority, power and sophisticated so makes a great alternative to purple and red shades. Similar to blue, it conveys intelligence but is also a sombre, serious colour. This makes black less good for parties, except maybe Halloween, but a good all-rounder otherwise.

So next time you’re considering what colour to paint your nails, try to think about what the colour conveys and not just if it complements your outfit.