Nail Polish Addiction!!

Anybody that knows me knows that I love nail polish! I love, love, love nail polish and I have a terrible addiction for nail trends, polishes and brands! When im teaching my students on our nail courses they get to know all about my addiction. I own over 100 different nail polishes, my addiction is dangerous lol everywhere I go I buy a different colour and I am also constantly looking for nail art blogs and pages to get my ideas!!

With my addiction of nail polish in full force I have now moved on to different trends and nail designs that I am now going to share with you J  Nail art is a different way to be creative there’s so many ways to do nail art and so many different patterns and looks that you can go for. I am going to share with you a few of ideas and also my favourite polishes and brands for Autumn/Winter 2012.

I am very into the new crazy, interesting nail art and follow blogs and try new things with my polishes all of the time. It is not hard to look for different trends they are EVERYWHERE!! From Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Autumn/Winter 2012

Black has stepped aside and this autumn winter 2012 is all about Dark Romance, alternative to black comes in deep, glossy blues, rich emerald greens and opaque purples.

Also working this winter glossy shades, reverse manicures and brazen metallic. The shinier the better J

Nail polish Trends and brands I Love this year!

Models Own – WAH Nails!

I had to put this one first! This has to be one of the most creative, fashionable Nail Art I have seen all year, they are amazing ranging from all different colours, shapes, styles, shapes and prints. You can now also create these looks at yourself. There is a choice of different nail art pens amazingly outrageous colours. Dare to be different.

Lancome new polish trend and range!

Lancome have really impressed me this year they have got a new wider range of polishes and colours, the idea they have is to match you lipstick to your polish! Amazing colours to choose from ranging from purples, Bright reds and gold, no matter what colour lipstick you pick up there’s a polish to match J

Upside down Manicure

Turning the classic French manicure upside down is good this season for keeping it subtle but with a bit of a twist. Try applying a brighter colour to the tip and a subtle shade as the base. Or even switch it up by putting a bright base and a subtle tip. An easy way to be a bit more daring with your French manicure!

Last but not least……………

Crazy Christmas Nail Art!

You cannot talk about Autumn/Winter 2012 nails without mentioning Christmas nail art. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I LOVE IT! Lots of patterns colours craziness all over the nail. It’s one of the times of year to go all out on the experimenting. Here are a few ideas:

Those were a few of my nail polish trends and addictions for A/W 2012. Hope you enjoyed and hope you have gathered lots of ideas from my post. Let us know what trends you like and your favourite nail art style.