How to put Newspaper, Maps or Printed Designs onto nails

newspaper-nail-designTransferring printed designs onto nails is really easy to do, very fun and looks really funkyJ.

Following these simple tips you can achieve this look.

• Prep the client’s nails. This design can go over natural nails, silk/fibreglass nails, gel nails and acrylic nails. When prepping the nails, make sure the nail is oil free, squeaking the nail is an excellent way to remove oils.

• Apply base coat to the nail. Basecoat is very important as it prevents staining.

• Apply two coats of a nude/pale colour, leaving each coat to dry in-between. You want the colour to be lights so you can get the full effect of the print.

• Get an egg cup of alcohol. (Any alcohol will do, I personally have used vodka in the past as I always have it in my fridge ;).)

• Dip one nail at a time in the vodka, coating the nails fully. But make sure before you place the nail into the egg cup, that the nail polish is fully dry.

• Cut the design you want to go onto the nail while your client’s finger is soaking. You want it to be just larger than the nail surface you will be putting it on.

• Take the finger out of the egg cup. Press the newspaper/print onto the nail. Be careful to cover the whole nail and keep the print still to get crisp lines. Allow the vodka to soak through.

• Peel the paper of carefully and slowly. (Give yourself a high5 when you see the impressive results! They are pretty cool!)

• Allow to fully dry. Once dry seal in nail art with a layer of topcoat.

Emma Gibson xx