How to get an Ombré effect painted nail

Ombré-effect-painted-nailThe ‘Ombré effect’ is so hot hot hot right now. A list Hollywood Celebs like Rihanna, Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore are just a small list of fans of Ombré.

Ombré effect is where you start with one colour and finish with another colour. When it comes to nails it is very simple and very effective.

I recently did this on my nails for my ‘Hollywood’ themed fancy dress and it only took me 5 minutes while my hair was setting on rollers! I had loads of compliments on the night and it has led to lots of my clients having them also J

To achieve this look it is simple.

You will need:

• Your choice or nail colours you would like to use, (including base coat and top coat).

• A clean and unused makeup sponge.

• A cocktail stick.

• Nail varnish remover.

• Cuticle oil.

How to Ombré:

Step 1: Shape and prep nails (push back/neaten cuticles) and apply one layer of base coat.

Step 2: Once your base coat is dry, apply a coat of the colour which is going to be at the cuticle onto the entire nail. This will ensure the placement of the polish is perfect so you don’t need to ‘add on’. Allow to dry.

Step 3: Get your choice of colour varnishes. Brush your choice of colours onto a prepared surface or palette. I either use tin foil, greaseproof paper or a plastic ring binder wallet. Make sure you brush your colours directly next to each other. You can mix as many colours as you like just remember it has to fit onto the nail!

Step 4: Using your cocktail stick, gently blend the colours into each other. I personally tend to blend the light colour into the darker one for a better effect.

Step 5: Place your makeup sponge onto the mixed polish. Make sure you only press once, If you go over it more than once you will mix the colours further and unnaturally.

Step 6: Pat onto your nail. Using a nice gentle patting motion. You want to also try and do this in one press as you can ruin the effect once more.

Step 7: Allow to dry. Using a cotton bud and acetone free polish remover, remove any polish of the surrounding skin.

Step 8: Apply top coat and away you go…………