How to Prepare for a Nail or Beauty Job Interview

So you have completed a nail course or been on beauty courses and now need a job. Getting jobs in this industry can be hard work sometimes. So here a few tips you can take to ensure your fully prepared to get your dream nail or beauty job

Get your CV typed up:

Taking time to make you CV look good can take hard work but it’s worth it. CV’s give potential bosses the opportunity to get to know you on a professional level. You can give all information about your passion for this industry as well as showing them your experience in the field. Even if you are newly qualified and just beginning your career, any past job experience may be crucial to show you are a reliable hard worker.  Include your certificates also, even if it’s a printed copy so they can see your qualifications.

Get a portfolio together:

As you know for our review days, we like you to put together a portfolio. These are brilliant to take to interviews so your potential employer can see exactly what you can do then and there. You can put anything in there from finished French nails, to intricate nail art………. The more the better!

Take an interview kit:

In some interviews a portfolio is nice but potential employer may also require you to apply an extension or perform a manicure. Get yourself prepared and take you nail brushes………. They will be impressed knowing you have planned ahead.

Search for jobs:

You can look online, in recruitment agencies and even in papers. But even if there’s nothing about if you’ve seen a salon that you like always pop in with a prepared CV and even your portfolio and interview kit. Some salons may not have time or money to advertise. It will also give you a chance to get to know a potential employer relaxed and in their own environment.

Dress for the interview:

First impressions matter, so do not let yourself down by not dressing correctly. Smart Tunics or dresses always show that you take your job seriously.

Be positive:

Even if you are nervous on the day, always give off a confident approach. Compliments yourself and think positive always before. And never underestimate how beautiful smiling really is……… Even a nervous smile is better than a frown!

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