Presentation for Nail Art

nail-boardAs a qualified nail technician offering nail art to your customers, it is likely that you have a wide range of designs for them to choose from. So the question is, how do you present these designs to your clients in a clear manner. Here we look at two options as recommended by other nail technicians:

1.On Display
One common way to display your nail art designs is to have the designs painted onto display nails and out on show within your salon. The advantages of this are that they are clearly visible to everyone who frequents your salon, not just those immediately interested in choosing a design. This could potentially increase your client base as more customers choose to have nail art performed. However you need to carefully consider how you are going to display the nails within your salon as they may be subject to dust, dirt and fading whilst on display which could impact on their visual appeal. You also need to consider how you advertise the price of the nail art designs as it is likely that the price you charge increases with the complexity of the design. You should try to group your nail designs by price point for easy reference by the customer.

2. Design Book
Another popular way to showcasing your nail art to customers is to take pictures of all your designs and include them in a design book. The advantage of this is that it’s easy to add to over time and you don’t have to worry about dust or fading like physical displays. Again you need to consider grouping by style or price point so the customer can easily determine the cost of the design they have chosen. The main disadvantage to showcasing designs in a book is that the designs aren’t on display to customers who haven’t requested to see the book.

Whether you choose to display within your salon or within a design book will depend on your personal preference but you might want to consider trialling both methods to see which your customers prefer and which yield the most sales