OPI Nail Envy Review by Hayley Broadhurst

Having completed nail courses with Next Step Beauty and using OPI Nail Envy for the past 10 years, I thought it was about time I’d provide a quick review on how it works, the pros and cons and share it with other nail technicians.

The routine:

OPI nail envy is a nail strengthener (it’s for dry, peeling, cracking, splitting nails) you start off with bare nails, apply two coats of nail envy then one coat every other day at the end of the week (7days) remove with non-acetone polish remover and start again. It will take approx 3-4 weeks to see a difference but may feel a difference within the first application. When your happy with the condition of your nails you can use once a week as maintenance.


* Quick drying – I apply before I go to bed
* Doesn’t peel – when there are loads of layers
* Comes in a matte version – great for men, if you don’t like the shiny look, can’t wear varnish for work
* Easy to use – to paint onto nail
* Can use under or over nail polish
* One bottle can last approx 3 months +


* Price can be expensive up to £18 per bottle – if you look around can be found cheaper eBay £10, Qvc £19.10 nail envy & avoplex cuticle oil
* When you reach 1/4 bottle left starts to get a little thicker – can still use though


I am a fan of this product I think it works out to be good value overall even though the initial outlay can be expensive but one bottle can last at least 3 months + depending on where you are on your treatment use. I recommend you give it a try but be patient it is not an overnight miracle cure but then simply what is???? But persist and hopefully you will see the results I have!