Three Nail Trends for Spring

Just as the world of fashion changes every season, so does the fashion for your finger nails. One season natural looking nails might be in-trend whilst other seasons nail polish is favourable. Here are the top three nail trends for the spring.

Coloured Tips Spring is a season of introducing colours but a lot more cautiously than in summer. One of the emerging nail trends is therefore the coloured nail tips. To achieve this look, prepare you nails by cutting and shaping them. Apply a coat of clear nail varnish to protect your nails from staining. Then apply the colour of your choice to the tips of your nails only, leaving the rest of the nail it’s natural colour. This is a great way of adding a hint of colour to your look and is really quick and simple to do.

Subtle Nail Art Another key trend for achieving great looking nails this spring is to apply a subtle design by nail art. For spring the design should be feminine yet fun so add small, colourful flowers, ladybugs, bumblebees or even rainbows to your nails for a fresh new look.

Matte Block Colour If you’re a big fan of all-over nail colour, instead of reaching for your usual high gloss or metallic nail polishes, opt for a matte colour instead for a sophisticated look this spring. A number of the key cosmetic companies including Avon offer matte shades. The colours to look out for include yellow, baby blue and pale pink for this season.