Top 5 Tips to Healthy Nails

healthy-nailsConfessions of a Nail Biter!

I would like to start off by making a confession. I have a terrible habit of biting my nails! I have always admired people who have wonderful healthy looking nails, but my habit would always get the best of me!

I have been on a mission to stop my bad habit (which is so bad I can bite through acrylic ooops) and concentrate on looking after my nails keeping them strong and healthy. I used to use excuses like “I spend so much time looking after everybody else’s nails I haven’t got the time to look after mine” also “they don’t look that bad” and my mothers’ favourite excuse of all “it just tastes so good to bite them lol”.

I gave myself a 6 month challenge to stop biting my nails for good and also look after my nails. Here a few tips that I followed and that I would like to share with my fellow nail biters and normal people J

Step 1…….

I found that if my nails looked good most of the time I was most likely to leave them alone so I opted for a great manicure treatment. This was one of my favourite parts of the whole journey J Regular manicures really helped promote healthy nail growth and also because it was a treat to myself every now and then I would leave feeling amazing. Pushing back cuticles also promotes healthy nail growth and it helped to lengthen the look of my nail bed,

Step 2 ……..

Between manicure treatments I looked for things that I could do at home to keep up the effectiveness of my treatments so I would apply a nail hardener and top coat to keep them looking nice shiny and healthy. My favourite nail hardener is a Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Bamboo. I applied this to my nails often it goes on the nail nice and smooth and dries very fast. I apply the Ultimate Shield Top Coat over it for extra shine and protection. The nails look so neat and smooth when finished.

Step 3……..


Now this didn’t just help my nail growth but also had great effects of my whole body J I not only noticed a difference in my nails but my hair and skin as well. I learned that the state of your nails reflects the state of your body so I began to feel that if my nails looked good that means my body must be in better order also. I took Seven Seas Vitamin E capsules and also took a Hair Skin and Nails Vitamin Combo which I believed worked wonders on the strength of my nails which I was shocked about after all the years of biting. And I also noticed a great difference in my overall health as well. Also a Multivitamin supplement can have an excellent effect on nail growth J

Step 4 …….

Hand lotion and Cuticle oil

I love love love hand lotion J I carry a lovely small bottle of Body Shop Almond Hand Lotion. It works wonders for dry skin and cuticles ad every time I wash my hands I re apply the hand cream to make sure they are well moisturised and hydrated. At night I would apply a extra drop of cuticle oil and rub into each of finger. You can buy lots of different types of cuticle oils and hand lotions in different fragrances and textures. It’s what works for you and also what you prefer to use.

Step 5 ……….

H2O – Water

Drinking a healthy amount of water is not only good for the nails but the whole body. Drinking water can help hydrate dry damaged nails just like it does for hair and skin. It has had a lot of health benefits for me which has been surprising and because it has helped more than one thing it has made me want to continue my nail journey and also continue to look after my health.

After all of this which I have to admit I found it overwhelming at first. My nails are now topic of all of my conversations. I now can advise people on how to look after their nails without them looking at my nails begging me to practice what I preach hehe J it made me realise that it’s not so hard to spend that bit of time looking after my nails and also how this journey had a positive effect on the rest of my body as well. I now have the nails to do all the fun funky patterns and creations I do on my clients nails to myself and every time I have the urge to nibble at my nails or even put my fingers near my mouth I think of my nail biting journey and how lovely and feminine my nice new healthy nails make my hands look

If I say so myself I am very proud!!