What are Acrylic Nails

When it comes to world of false nails, polishes and nail art, there are a huge array of words thrown around. From the best brands, to the top treatments, and knowing the differences between each can leave things extremely confused and complicated. Learning the differences, and what each treatment actually is, will help you decipher what style will suit your needs best, or which you should be recommending to your clients.

The main big names used are Acrylics and Gels. But knowing what each one is in depth will really help you become an advisor for your clients when starting a nail salon, or just giving you some insight that you can share with friends.


Acrylic nails combine a liquid and powder state of monomers and polymers. The combination of the two creates a hard layer over the natural nail – almost like a protective cover. When exposed to air, Acrylic hardens to create a seamless finish. Although Acrylic is transparent, nail polishes can be used on top – giving you a long and elegant style in your favourite shades.

So unlike gels for example, Acrylics aren’t a polish in themselves, they are more the protective coating made with a chemical mixture that can then have polishes applied onto them.


Just like any product out there, there are many advantages to using Acrylic nails, along with a few disadvantages.

This nail care method is ideal for creating a base cover for all your favourite nail varnishes, which will leave them lasting longer than a typical polish treatment. Not only that, but Acrylic nails are robust and easy to take care of; if you break a nail after leaving the salon, they tend to be easy enough to fix at home. They’re also easy to remove unlike other false nails that might take your natural nail with it! Ouch…

However, with every pro, there’s always a con and Acrylic nails have three main disadvantages. The treatment uses a lot of chemicals which can give off nauseating fumes. If you’ve ever felt a little light-headed in a nail bar, or can smell something chemically, you’ll know exactly what we mean!

Acrylics are also seen to look a little less natural than gel nails – which is sometimes the desired look. But if you’re hoping for a modest style, you might want to discuss this further with your nail salon or find an alternative.  Lastly, they can damage your nail bed due to the chemicals used and the removal process. Though if dealt with correctly, the least amount of damage will be done.

If you’re looking to get a stylish and hard-wearing look for a holiday or big occasion, acrylics are a great choice. Long lasting and available with plenty of colour options, the process can transform your nails into glamorous and elegant tips your friends will be in awe of. We would definitely recommend asking a professional to begin your Acrylics treatment, as home based kits will not have the same effect.