Need to Find a Web Architect to Create a Website?

image-18-300x207In a previous blog, we discussed the two possible methods for creating a website – creating your own or paying a web architect to create one for you. If you have decided to find a web architect (also known as a web developer or web designer), you will need to know a few key things to make sure you make the right choice for you and your business. Here we look at five of the main things you should look into relating to a web architect:

#1: Portfolio
Just as any artist will have a portfolio of work, a web developer should have a portfolio of websites they have created too. These are typically included in their own website and should either show images of the websites that they’ve created or have links to the sites so you can browse through them yourself. Look for a web developer who has done a service website before so they understand the intricacies of selling and promoting a service, not just a product and feel free to ask them for examples of any sites they have previously produced – they are likely to have created many more sites than on their portfolio.

#2: References
You wouldn’t employ a staff member without references so why would you put your website in untrained hands? When looking at potential web architects, ask them for references. Most will be happy to provide you with a list of websites they have created and the contact details of their owners. Ring or email a couple of the site owners to check what they thought of the process, working with the web architect and the final result – their finished website.

#3: Content Management
Ultimately you should be looking for a website which is content managed. This basically means that you have the ability to alter the main content of the website (whether images or text) without the need to get your web architect to do it for you. This will save you money in the long run and allow you to make changes whenever needed. Ask your web architect for further information on whether they offer content managed websites and whether they can be updated without needing to know any technical information.

#4: Search Engine Optimisation
One of the key things when it comes to a website is search engine optimisation (SEO). This basically determines whether the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others can find your website and show it as a result in the search listings. It is very important to discuss search engine optimisation with your web architect to see if it’s a service that they offer as standard with a website build or something which they charge extra for. Without search engine optimisation, there is little point having a website.

#5: Ongoing Maintenance
The final issue that you need to address with your web architect is ongoing maintenance. What service packages do they offer for maintenance and which one will suit the needs of your salon or mobile nail website. You might also want to discuss what process is followed if you want another web architect to take over maintenance in the future to ensure a continued web presence, regardless of which web architects you choose in the future.

Hopefully by investigating the above, you will choose a web architect that will be able to create you a fully functional website which will bring in new customers, as well as advising existing customers of your services.