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To Thread Or Not To Thread?

Eyebrow threading is the newest and hottest trend in brow shaping and thinning. There are lots of hair removal options out there: shaving, waxing, sugars, creams, dye

How to Find New Clients

Starting up your beauty business can be pretty exciting; with friends and family paying you to do what you love best, there often feels that there’s no down

Can You Have It All?

Are you starting or looking to start a beauty business – but you also have a family to take care of? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to own your own business or maybe you’re looking for a change

What are Acrylic Nails

When it comes to world of false nails, polishes and nail art, there are a huge array of words thrown around. From the best brands, to the top treatments, and knowing the differences between each ca

Ultimate Moisturisers To Ward Against Winter

In winter, skin care is super important. With sore noses and chapped lips to look after, keeping your skin regime simple and effective will be crucial when cold weather kicks in. Y

How to choose the right beauty course

When thinking of careers, the beauty industry has a lot to choose from. And for each of your options, training will be vital. However, not all training courses will offer the s

FACEBOOK LIVE – Self Tanning Demonstration

Self Tanning Demonstration Victoria’s demonstrates how to apply self tanning. This video was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our studi

Do Mobile Salons Make Money?

Mobile salons are changing the way the beauty industry is functioning. The ability to go directly to the client is a great resource for the convenience of consumers and the cost and time of the owners. But do mobiles sal

Why is training so important?

When it comes to the training of beauty therapists, some people think it’s a walk in the park. For some bargain hunters, the mind-set ‘I paint nails for people all the time; I co

FACEBOOK LIVE – Achieving the 5 main nail shapes

Achieve 5 nail shapes demo Victoria’s demonstrates how you can achieve the 5 main nail shapes. This video was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our studio’s in Norwich on th

Prep for Party Season With These Skin Care Saviours

With the party season creeping up on us pretty fast, it’s time to start getting our skin care routine in shape and finding the ideal ways to make our sk

Are expensive nail products always the best?

We’ve all seen ‘get the look’ articles, and a lot of the time, the cheaper versions are extremely similar and massively cheaper. Ausbeautyandskincarereviews Similar f

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