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Student Success Stories – Samantha Fourie

I have loved training with Next Step. Everything from booking to qualifying, has been a simple and pain free experience. I want to personally thank Victoria and her team fo

FACEBOOK LIVE – Sanatisation & Sterilisation Discussion

Party Nails Demo Victoria’s discusses sanatisation and sterilisation. This video was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our studio’s in No

Top Festive Red Lipsticks 

No matter what style you’re opting for during the festive season, red is the classic and go-to colour  for anyone looking for the perfect pout. But finding the best red lipstick that stands out from the rest

How to get a Facebook Page for your Beauty Business

Creating a Facebook page for you beauty business is easy… Gaining a following is tricky. Friends and family on Facebook will kick-start your online marketing venture for your new

FACEBOOK LIVE – Party Nails Demo

Party Nails Demo Victoria’s demonstration of a part nails design. This demonstration was filmed live for a Facebook Live Event from our studio’s in Norwich on

Nail products to choose when starting your beauty business

As we’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post, starting with a low budget will not give you the chance to blow a fortune on your business’s products at the very beginning. Whilst you’ll need to be fully equi

FACEBOOK LIVE – Free Hand Flower and Colour Fade Nail Art Demo

Free Hand Flower and Colour Fade Nail Art Design Victoria’s demonstration of a free hand flower and colour fade nail art design. This demonstration was filmed live for

5 Tips for starting your own beauty business

As you’ll be in charge of all the business aspects of your beauty business – from the finances and marketing – right through to the daily treatments for clients, we’ve collated 5 top tips to help you when startin

Top tips for creating yourself a home salon

Beauty by Alex If you don’t want the extra costs of hiring out a venue, consider hosting your beauty room at home. To do this, you’ll still need an area that is rela

Why Do We Cut Our Hair When We End a Relationship?

I’ve seen many of my friends go out with guys for months or even years at a time. Each relationship is completely different and each of my friends is

How to earn more money from your clients

How can you earn more money in your business? Here are a few idea’s to make more money from your clients: KIDS PARTIES Any beauty loving clients will love the idea of

Is Instagram a good tool for a beauty business?

Scrolling through the infinite pool of beautiful fashion OOTD posts, beauty queens in their essence, and interior design inspiration photos on Instagram, it’s easy to ge

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