The History of Thomas Sabo

The Thomas Sabo brand name dominates the jewellery industry and is strongly internationally recognised as the perfect example of fashion.
Sporting high-quality silver with a unique style and a love of detail, Thomas Sabo provide jewellery, breathtaking watches and accessories to their collection.

The Germans absolutely have an imagination when it comes to their jewellery designs, and such intricately detailed designed their ranges are.
Not only is the brand unique and abundant with quirky bits ranging from snow boots and also polar bears to a fantasy German creature called a Wolpertinger sporting the body of a rabbit, deer antlers and webbed feet! The jewellery is so diverse to suit virtually every individual and is at the forefront of fashion for the trend conscious man and woman.

Creating such fun, distinctive and high quality jewellery has allowed Thomas Sabo to make a breakthrough in the industry and has created an entirely new market segment for itself.

In 2006 Thomas Sabo released their charm club which has proven to be their best range to date. Re-vamping the old style charm bracelets Thomas Sabo have created a thrilling collection of clipped charms and now boast over 500 individual designs.

The advantage of this range over competitors is that charms are interchangeable which enables it to be clipped on bracelets, necklaces and anklets to produce any combination possible. I believe again the diversity and personalisation of the charms from cherries and pumpkins to Ugg boots and ice-creams makes that uniqueness that is Thomas Sabo. They can easily be collected to represent special memories, be a unique gift for someone you love or simply be an addition to your fashion status. Thomas Sabo offers the right charm pendant for all events.

Although Thomas Sabo is known around the globe for their edgy appearance, they do offer a range to attract a slightly different target audience. The brand new Sweet Diamonds range has recently toned down the fun loving eccentric features that Thomas Sabo is famous for and includes a more classic timeless approach. Although different, it definitely will not disappoint, this stunning range emanates elegance with its particularly exquisite motifs embellished with a sweet remarkable cut diamond in each piece. However classic they haven’t let go of the their unique creations altogether with this range as there is still a Thomas Sabo twist which offers pendants, earrings and rings in dragonfly, butterfly and starfish designs.

There are plenty of ranges to choose from throughout this brand, ‘Rebel at heart’ which I can only describe as modern punk with an oriental flavour, ‘Glam and Soul’ inspired by passionate rock ‘n’ roll with a jazzy element thrown in and many more all reflecting the outstanding stylish flair that Thomas Sabo incorporates. The key concept of this brand is to be unique and personalise in a fun and fashionable manner. To conclude I would definitely recommend Thomas Sabo as its sparkling eccentric loving attitude stands out from any other brand on the market and being the leader in stylish contemporary jewellery, you will definitely be noticed and be on the cusp of the world of fashion.