Pandora Collection Top Picks

I’ve always been a huge Pandora charms fan and I’m constantly on the hunt for brand new jewellery to add to my collection. For all of you who are yet to see the new collection, I’d urge you to check them out. It’s certainly something to shout about!

I thought I’d write this post to share my top five Pandora picks from the new collection – they’ll certainly be on my ‘Must-Buy’ list (that’s if I can resist the urge to buy them sooner!).

Entwined charm

The very first item I’ve got my eye on is the entwined charm which is a steal at just £20. When building up your bracelet, I believe it’s always important to have a mixture of simple charms and those that are packed with personality. This charm is incredibly subtle and will help to pull a charm bracelet together, complementing the charms with more detailing. The openwork charms are very trendy at the moment – unsurprisingly seen as they’re so reasonably priced!

Jewellery box charm

If like me, you’re a little bit of a jewellery addict then this is a great addition to your growing jewellery collection (that’s probably huge – exactly like mine!). The charm has an incredibly delicate design and is priced at £55.

Rope detail stud earrings

Next on my wish list is the rope detail stud earrings – they’re an incredibly simple design and have a Rhodolite stone in the centre, the purple hue that comes from the Rhodolite is impressive. The detailing on the charm is beautiful and it’s not often that you find a set of studs that look amazing quality. An excellent thing about these earrings are the price – they’re on the market at £35 which is a fantastic price for something that you could potentially be wearing every day.

Multi-twist ring

Similar to the rope detail stud earrings, the multi-twist ring features the stunning Rhodolite stone and the twists in the ring look fairly similar to the earrings. It’s lovely to wear a thick ring as traditionally, Pandora rings have always been fairly thin. This ring is priced at £85 which is relatively pricey however the ring includes a lot of intricate detailing and is completely stunning.

Blue faceted Murano charm

The last item in my top five picks on the collection has to be the blue faceted Murano charm to add a little bit of colour your bracelet. With 2012 being a major year for the Nation with hosting the Olympics, I’ve been trying to incorporate some red and blue colours in my bracelet –showing my patriotic side! The faceted effect on the charm looks lovely and I’m sure it will look lovely when the lighting captures it. The and would be a great present this Christmas for a loved one.

So there you go, my 5 favourite pieces from the new autumn Pandora collection! The collection is packed with stunning charms, rings, watches and earrings so it was pretty difficult to whittle it down to my top five items!