How To Show Customers You Care at Christmas

With Christmas well on its way, you really need to consider how you’re going to give your customers a touch of festive cheer this season. Here we look at a few different ideas and the pros and cons of each.

Christmas Cards
Christmas cards are probably one of the more traditional ways to acknowledge the custom that you have received from your customers throughout the year. You can choose to send personalised, branded Christmas cards or more traditional ones.

–          Lets your customers know that they are important to you–          Cards can be costly to buy and added postage costs make them expensive
–          Customer may display it throughout the season as a subconscious reminder of your salon or service–          Customers might not value the card and throw it away or choose not to display it
–          A traditional choice with little risk of it not being seen in a positive way–          A ‘safe’ choice which might not stand out in your customer’s mind


Chocolates are becoming a popular Christmas gift in the beauty industry. They not only acknowledge the custom you have received, but also show that you are willing to spend a little money on your customers in the name of Christmas.

–          Everyone loves chocolate!–          Might not be seen in a positive light by those customers who are dieting
–          Conveys that you are willing to spend money on your loyal customers–          Can be costly, especially if you opt for chocolates in salon branded wrappers.
–          A nice touch and more inspired than just a Christmas card–          Might get damaged or even melt if posted

Many businesses choose to give their more important customers a bottle of wine or bubbly as a token of their appreciation for their continued custom.

–          It’s unlikely that your customers will receive such extravagant gifts from other service providers and therefore be more appreciative .–          Very expensive to buy and distribute unless given out by hand.
–          Likely to instil positive feeling about your salon or service in the customer, leading to continued loyalty–          Can be difficult to determine which customers should receive them
–          A memorable Christmas gift which customers are likely to remember for many months to come.–          Not suitable for non-drinkers

What you choose to give your customers this Christmas will very much depend on your budget and the number of regular clients you have. However what you need to bear in mind is that by giving Christmas gifts, even just a card, you are primarily trying to thank your customers for their custom and not trying to obviously entice them in or sell to them – Christmas is a time for giving and a time for thanks.