Brighter Skin at Any Age

Dull, spotty or lacklustre skin can bring us down- especially when we’re fighting the harsh elements of winter. Follow our handy tips for getting a Christmas glow to be proud of, no matter what your age.


Okay, so here’s the thing: whilst there is no concrete evidence to suggest that diet plays any role in spots or acne, a healthy diet does mean a healthy glow.

Vitamin A in fish oils, liver and dairy will keep dry, flaky skin at bay. With winter winds, and the moisture-sucking super radiators of homes and workplaces, the colder months can be a harsh time for our faces. Stocking up on essential oils in your diet will help you to stay looking sparkly bright.

Also high on the agenda is vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps destroy free radicals- the electronically unbalanced molecules that are continually generated within our bodies from chemicals, too much sun, and stress. Give hydration a helping hand to battle wrinkles, pale skin, and easy bruising with almonds, peanuts and red chilli powder. Yummy.


Good things happen to our skin when we sleep- and bad things happen when we don’t.

When we snooze, collagen production is accelerated. Collagen firms the top layers of our skin and maximizes water retention, meaning plumper cells that make us look fresh-faced and rejuvenated.

But, when we forgo sleep our immune system suffers- it doesn’t regenerate in its full potential and we end up looking grey-complexioned and aged.

For ultimate skin renewing sleep, the oft-quoted eight hours is best. But then, that won’t upset anybody to hear, will it? Set that alarm clock an hour later: your face will thank you for it. (You’re welcome.)

Working Out

Building up a sweat purges the body of pore-clogging toxins, increases blood flow, and ups neuronal stimulation. There’s no downside to working out- as long as you shower straight afterwards. Don’t leave the impurities you’ve sweated out sitting on your skin otherwise you’ll end p worse than you started.

Exercise encourages oxygen to flow to the skin, beats stress (which can affect your immune system and thus bring down your glow) and exercise means you naturally produce more oils that keep skin supple and youthful.

Incorporate daily exercise into your routine to give your skin the best possible chance of natural beauty.


It’s easy to do what we’ve always done, but sometimes the best thing to spruce up your complexion is switching up your routine.

The biggest mistake we make is over-washing. Dull skin isn’t caused by dirt, and by cleansing and toning when we wake up, we could actually be stripping away all the naturally occurring skin regenerative minerals our bodies have produced by all by themselves overnight.

Skincare should be limited to before bed, when a gentle make-up remover and good moisturiser will mean skin is clean and can breathe through the night. In the morning, only rinse with lukewarm water- too hot and you’ll dehydrate your face. Moisturise before you put on your warpaint for the day, and you’ll stay brighter than any superstar.

This post was penned by Laura Jane Williams for Court House Clinics- the country’s leading chain of cosmetic clinics and industry-leaders on anti-aging treatments