Dry skin or Dehydrated skin?????

A common mistake made by many beauty therapists is the wrong diagnosis of skin types, the hardest two to define between is Dry and Dehydrated skin. It is important to identify a clients skin type correctly to ensure they are treating their skin with the correct products.

Here I have put together some points to help you identify between the two.

Dry Skin:

  • Lacks oil
  • Premature ageing is normally found on the skin
  • Some flakiness
  • Uneven surface on the skin
  • Deeper facial lines
  • Dry skin is a skin types like oily or combination

Dry skin is normally caused through internal factors such as medication or long term illness.

Dehydrated Skin:

  • Lacks moisture
  • Skin feels very tight
  • Finer facial lines
  • Skin can often peel
  • Dehydration is a skin condition nota skin type
  • Dehydration can come and go

Dehydrated skin is normally caused through external factors such as smoking, central heating and air conditioning

So always double check the skin type of your client using a skin analysis and magnifying lamp before any treatment is carried out.

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