Prepare Your Skin For the Summer

When the sun comes out, so do shorts and sleeveless tops and that means just one thing – your skin is on display. It’s therefore really important to prepare your skin for the summer to make it look healthy. Follow these simple steps to get summer-ready skin:

1. Drink plenty of water – it’s true that beautiful skin is achieved from the inside out so by drinking plenty of water you will help hydrate the skin. It is recommended by beauticians and health experts to drink 2.5 litres of water per day.
2. Use a night cream – there are a wide range of night creams available to buy that will help you achieve healthy looking skin whilst you sleep. Look for rich yet non-greasy creams with active ingredients such as glycerin, squalane or shea butter which help to hydrate the skin or dimethicone which helps it retain moisture. Many night creams also help to combat wrinkles too.
3. Use a day cream – it’s really important to not only keep the skin hydrated but to protect it too. Use a day cream with added sunscreen on your face and neck. A high SPF of 30+ will also help to protect your skin from UV rays which are a common cause of premature aging.
4. De-fuzz your body – leg and underarm hair is not a good look so make sure you remove body hair before you start exposing your skin. Shaving is quick and pain free but doesn’t give lasting results. Waxing might be slightly more painful but will give you weeks of fuzz-free skin.
5. Fake tan – pasty white skin is also not a good look but equally UV exposure is not healthy for your skin. A good compromise is to apply an all-over fake tan for that sun-kissed look. You can choose to use a tanning lotion or have a spray tan done, both give great results.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to have summer-ready skin in no time at all. Plus once the sun comes out, remember to always apply sunscreen and moisturise daily to help re-hydrate your skin to leave it looking radiantly healthy.