Perfect Professional Spray Tan

shutterstock_77584045Perfect professional spray tan- Give every client a perfect spray tan with some simple techniques and guidelines.

Preparation- The most important thing to think about before giving your client a spray tan is to advise them about the important preparation points they need to do. Firstly your clients need to ensure they exfoliate 24 hours before their tan, this removes any dead skin cells that could cause the tan to go patchy. They also need to avoid waxing or shaving 24hours before and don’t moisturise on the day of the tan as this can act as a barrier for the tan. Its essential your clients also remove any makeup and remove deodorant, as deodorant can turn green with a spray tan.

Right colour- Which ever tan you decide to go for ensure you have tired each colour out and are happy with the selection. Tan solution often goes up in DHA percentages 8% often light and the higher the percentage the darker the tan will be. Booster drops are also available from most tan suppliers that increase the tan solution by 1%.

Client readiness- Ensure the client has done all preparation points, moisturiser or barrier cream should be placed on your clients palms, elbows, knees, ankles, and nails, if you choose to use sticky feet get your client to wear them or place barrier cream on the soles of your clients feet. If your client has very fair hair Vaseline could be placed on their eyebrows or on the hair line. Ensure your client is wearing a hair net, paper pants or bikini during in the tan, and wearing loose clothing after, any tight clothing will rub the tan off, think about sock and bra strap marks.

Equipment-  Test your spray compressor and gun before your client, to test the flow of the solution fill the gun with water first and spray, this will ensure you have the correct flow and also will help flush out the gun to avoid blockages. Your compressor needs to be at a low setting when spraying, this is the pressure and flow of solution coming out, and you want to achieve a light mist to avoid the tan running. If the tan does run, do not worry simply use an application mitt to buff over the skin then mist over to even the tan out. If your spray tan looks every wet you need to change the settings of your gun, the dial is normally on the back of the gun.

Position- When doing your spray tan ensure your client is in the position you need, ask them to stand where is needed, whether that means standing closer to you or raising their arms in the air. Once in position and with the right setting use sweeping movements, going with the contour of your client’s body, going too fast you could miss areas, also going to slow could cause the tan to build up in areas and cause the solution to run.

Use these guidelines to achieve a great looking tan every time.

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