You Gotta Have a Gimmick!

Sun_Junkie_PigEither you’re starting out in your beauty career, adding an extra something to your list of treatments or just have spray tanning under your belt as a little add on to make extra cash, you will see that the competition out there is high – As Gypsy-Lee Rose once said “You gotta have a gimmick!” How can you make yourself stand out from the other spray tan technicians and make your clients remember you and want to see you again? Why settle for your typical spray tan kit when you can have something out of the norm! Sun junkie have something that will sure to be a tanning experience that your clients will absolutely love…the spray tanning pig kit! With its small body and powerful gun, this adorable professional kit will certainly tear you aware from your average spray tan technician. Next Step Beauty are introducing this little piggy into the courses, giving everyone a chance to see what it’s capable to do and we are all very excited that not only does it look great already, we have it in a unique pink!! So if you like the idea of standing out from the rest, have a look on for more information on the Sunjunkie Piggy Spray Tan Kit and for the Spray Tan Course.