How to Get a Spa Break at a Bargain Price

Pampering, beauty treatments, lounging by the pool … Every girl loves going to the spa, but you can’t deny that they can be expensive. When finances are tight, it’s hard to justify taking a huge chunk of your budge and blowing it on a day at the spa. The answer to that issue is to grab a spa day bargain. How do you get a day at the spa without blowing a hole in your budget? Try these tips for a great deal.

First Timers Promotions

Some spas offer special deals for first time visitors. They are hoping that you will become a regular spa goer, but you don’t have to commit to that. Look out for promotions aimed at new spa visitors online or in local papers and take the chance to get a massive discount. And if there’s more than one spa in your area, then visit them all, using the first timer’s discount at each of them.

Coupons and Deals

It’s also a good idea to check the deals and coupons sites for discounts. Deals sites may offer a significant saving on the regular price of admission if enough people take the deal. In addition, the spa’s own website may offer discounts during slower periods just to get some people through the door.

Discounts for Two or More

Don’t forget to ask about special deals for a girls’ getaway. Many spas offer specials for hen weekends, birthday celebrations – anything which means a large group will be coming to the spa. There’s usually a minimum number of participants but you can make big savings with large groups – and they may even throw in a couple of treatments.

Getting a Bargain

The tips above work well for spas with a standard admission price, but there are some where booking a treatment gives you access to all the spa’s facilities. In this type of spa, if you just want to relax and enjoy the pool, jacuzzi and lounge areas, then all you have to do is book the cheapest treatment on offer. You could have a day at the spa for the price of a manicure or pedicure – now that’s a real bargain!

Use any of these tips – or combine them all – and you can have a day at the spa at a bargain price. You might even be able to go with a group of friends to make the occasion even better.

Mohammed Haroon writes for Today’s Great Deal which offers deals on spa breaks and much more. Check out the site’s Edinburgh’s Great Deal page for the latest local offers.