Ways to Encourage Repeat Bookings

on phoneOne of the most difficult parts of running a beauty salon is capturing a new client. However once you have captured this new client, you can’t just assume that they will come back to your salon. You need to ensure that you are encouraging them to rebook for further treatments. Here we look at three ways in which you can prompt that customer to rebook.

  1. Rebook At Time of Visit
    The easiest way to get a client to rebook is immediately after their initial appointment. This is a time when your client is happy with their latest nail treatment and their nails are looking their absolute best. Before they leave the salon encourage them to book their next visit there and then. This allows you greater control of the gap between appointments and you can make sure that that client comes back to you for their on-going treatments. If the client doesn’t write the appointment straight into their diary or into their smartphone calendar, make sure you give them a card with the date and time of their next appointment to reduce the likelihood of them forgetting about it.
  2. Follow Up Card
    Another way to encourage your clients to rebook a visit is to send them a reminder card. This is a subtle way to remind them that they are due for another appointment soon and prompt them that their last treatment was at your salon. The card should be personalised and include a way of booking the appointment such as a phone number. To encourage repeat custom, you might also want to consider adding a discount voucher or another incentive to the card too to entice them back.
  3. Follow Up Call
    You might also want to consider making a follow up call to your client to prompt a rebooking from them. This is likely to be slightly more cost effective than a mailing card although some clients might find it a little more intrusive.

It is typically a lot cheaper and easier to get a current client to return than it is to get a new customer to your salon so always think repeat custom before new custom.