A Few Wedding Styling Tips

Our wedding day is the most defining day of our lives and up there with the most important. It’s the day we’ll forever remember and the day we look forward to more than ever from an early age. Considering this, it is absolutely vital that we get our fashion and styling right on the day to ensure our memories of the occasion are graced with images of you looking your finest. Here are a few invaluable bits of advice.

Extend Your Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are a great way to add a subtle yet defining touch unto your wedding look.

Be at One with Your Surroundings

‘Beat at one with your surroundings’ is basically just a fancy way of saying: your dress should complement the wedding site. This isn’t referring to colour.

The ambience, style, setting and architecture of your wedding venue must be in tune with the style of your wedding dress. For instance there’s no point in a modern style dress if the wedding’s based in a castle.

Match Your Dress with Your Bouquet

Your bouquet should be made to compliment your dress, rather than being selected independently. In fact, you should show the florist a picture of your gown prior to having your bouquet made.

Balance it All Out

Do not go overload on jewellery, and in regards to wearing any particular pieces, make sure they balance each other out. For example, smaller earrings match larger tiaras.

Choose Accessory Wisely

Remember that your accessories are a part of your outfit and so should be made to look as such. Mismatching coloured or fashioned accessories won’t go.

Pick Thermal Protecting Hair Products

When choosing which product to go along with for styling your hair, you need to pick one that’ll protect your hair against the heat of the curling iron, hot rollers or flat iron you use (depending on which bridal hairstyle you go with on your special day). Thermal Styling Spray by Kenra is a good one for this, as is Aquage Beyond Body.

Speaking of your bridal hairstyle, try not to overdo it. If your hair looks better simple, than keep it simple. It’s as simple as that.

Natural Nails

Well manicured nails on your wedding day are a must, but keep it looking natural and nude.

Don’t Overdo Your Make Up

Wedding days are supposed to be about natural beauty and so going overboard with foundation is not a wise styling choice. Look elegant and class with fresh and flushed skin.

Rebecca Owen is a British style and fashion guru and blogger.