What Kind Of Manicure And Pedicure Is Right For Your Wedding Day?

On your wedding day you want to look your very best in every way possible. Of course the bridal gown and bridal accessories are a huge part of it, but don’t over look some of the other details. For example, how about manicures and pedicures? Manicures are especially important as more than likely there will be photos of your hands, to show off your wedding rings, will be taken. It is important to choose the right manicure for you. Same thing goes for the pedicure, especially if you are wearing open-toed shoes or even sandals at a beach wedding or outdoor affair.

Salons that specialize in manicures and pedicures will often have different types from which to choose. So, how do you know what one is best? Below is a rundown on what to expect. And don’t forget to as the person doing the manicure or pedicure what will be most long lasting and appropriate for the details of your big day. Make sure he or she knows at what type of location you will be using, the climate, and details of your overall bridal ensemble.


Spa manicure: The spa manicure use a few more steps than a traditional manicure. Think a regular manicure but bumped up in luxury. For example, the manicurist may use aromatic oils, aroma therapy and exfoliating salts to have the appearance of the skin of your hands look smoother and softer. They may even use a hydrating mask for even extra moisture.

French manicure: This manicure is among on the most popular, as far as the way it looks when finished. French manicure entail the nails are shaped round, oval, or square and then a clear pink polish is applied to the body of the nail and then topped with white colored tips.

Paraffin manicure: A paraffin treatment  is best for brides with dry or overworked hands. Your hands are simply dipped into a warm soy wax up to the wrist. The hands and wrists are then wrapped in a towel or plastic piece to for 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding with the regular manicure.


As with manicures, you can ask for the spa pedicures or paraffin dip. Some brides even like a French pedicure. However, beware of these as they are easily chipped when putting on your shoes. A French pedicure should be for sandals and open toe shoes only.

Stone pedicures: With a stone pedicure, before you choose what type of finish you want for your nails, essential oils are rubbed onto the feet together with legs with hot stones for an added sense of relaxation and to really give your feet a supple, soft look.

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