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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1997 five star reviews from students.

Lucy Short - NSBi Spray Tanning

Great course - easy to follow instructions and workbook

Erika Blagut - NSBi Ultimate Nail Art

Thank you so much. I am so happy that l finished successfully my second course.i ll recommending this Distance Learning Courses to my friends because so easy and comfortable to learn any free time after work or any days off.

Tuyen Brimley - Nail Sculpting

First lesson was work on somebody who has damaged nail, step by step Katherine show me how to work on them. Amazing experience thanks

Tracey Campbell - NSBi Manicure and Gel Polish

Brilliant courses highly recommend doing them. Loved every minute of them

Tracey Campbell - NSBi Basic Nail Art and Gel Polish Nail Art

Brilliant courses to get you use to using the different brushes. Highly recommended

Tracey Campbell - NSBi Acrylic Extensions

Loved the course. Step by step detail and lots of videos Highly recommended

Michelle Crabtree - NSBi Manicure (FREE)

What a pleasure it was to do the manicure course and i have learnt so much more from it. I would recommend next steps beauty to anyone. I will be booking another course very soon am sure.

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