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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1997 five star reviews from students.

Inga Welsh - NSBi Gel Polish

Absolutely loved doing the online course videos were excellent. Really didn't think I could do it. Would recommend to anyone wanting to start out.

Emma Biggins - NSBi Manicure (FREE)

I did an beauty therapy course ages ago and always wanted to work in the beauty industry but never did. I love nails and nail art so while on quarantine I ordered the manicure course just to see how I felt. I loved it, I loved the videos, they are so informative and I felt like I learned so much and it made me much more comfortable feeling like I could actually do this as a job. I have just ordered the gel polish to add on to my knowledge and I can't wait get started. I'm not sure where I will go with this, whether work for someone else or try and start my own business but regardless the course is super fun even if its just for a hobby. I definitely have a lot to think about but I 100% recommend this course for anyone thinking about getting into the nail industry. It's a great start point.

Joanna Cocks - NSBi Pedicure

Really enjoyed doing the Pedicure course online and a great way to update my skills during the Coronavirus pandemic. The course manuals and videos are very informative and easy to follow.

Stacie Pickersgill - Nail Sculpting

I did this as an add on to the complete nail technician course. I would highly recommend doing this course if you are doing acrylics or gel extensions courses. It was very informative and the tutor was extremely helpful.

Emma Biggins - NSBi Gel Polish

I did this after the manicure course as it is a popular treatment so I thought it was a good follow up course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I am not sure what is next, I may do a nail art course but perhaps have a break from learning for a moment while I figure out what's next. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Louise Caton - NSBi Manicure (FREE)

Loved doing the free manicure course and at the end i couldn't get enough so enrolled to do the gel polish course to easy to follow and learnt so much definitely will be taking another course highly recommended doing them! Thank you Victoria

Annabel Pomeroy - NSBi Manicure (FREE)

I have just completed the online manicure course which was well set up and easy to follow! It’s great that you can still learn whilst stuck at home. It has given me a lot more confidence in this industry and I’m now looking into some of the other courses on offer to further my knowledge and qualifications.

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