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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1997 five star reviews from students.

Michelle Jones - Complete Nail Technicians

I have just passed the Complete Nail Technicians Course which was held in Northampton. I have thoroughly loved the experience and really loved the course! Our tutor, Katherine, was really nice and friendly and made us all feel at ease as we were all quite nervous on the first day of the course. I hope to now continue with building up on my new skills and would say to anyone thinking about trying this course is go for it! I'm so glad I did!

Francesca Rackham - Complete Nail Technicians

Course was really good the tutor Victoria was amazing at teaching I learnt a lot. Have booked onto two more courses in January really looking forward to them aswell.

Michelle Vallance - NSBi eFile

On a roll another course completed and another distinction 🤗.Love my e file it takes so much time off your appointments and also Saves time by not soaking off products! Extra bonus more time for art work,Next course booked!Michelle vallance

Michelle Vallance - NSBi Builder in a bottle

On a roll another course completed and another distinction 🤗.Love builder in a bottle!!! Easy to work with and can complete a set in less than a hour👍Next course booked!Michelle vallance

sherrie stephenson - NSBi Facial and Skincare

I enjoyed this course easy to follow video has given me slot of confidence

KAYLIEGH LAVINGTON - NSBi Acrylic Extensions

I suffer with mental health so this has been perfect for me.I am a very long way of from working but it been amazing having the experience to do something I enjoy and something I can keep with me forever. For When I am able to start work thankyou next step beauty

sherrie stephenson - NSBi Ultimate Holistic

fantastic course videos and study book very informative, Victoria is always there to offer advice and assist her students. I shall be booking more courses though Next step and wouldn't recommend any one else

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