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NextStepBeauty.co.uk has recieved over 1997 five star reviews from students.

Michelle Vallance - NSBi eFile

On a roll another course completed and another distinction 🤗.Love my e file it takes so much time off your appointments and also Saves time by not soaking off products! Extra bonus more time for art work,Next course booked!Michelle vallance

Michelle Vallance - NSBi Builder in a bottle

On a roll another course completed and another distinction 🤗.Love builder in a bottle!!! Easy to work with and can complete a set in less than a hour👍Next course booked!Michelle vallance

Lucy Short - NSBi Fusion Gel

This fusion gel course was one of my favourites to date. I really enjoyed the new product and found the tutorial videos easy to follow. They really helped me to learn the correct technique and the workbook practice has helped me improve with each application. I was really delighted to receive my certificate when I submitted my photos!Thanks Victoria

Lucy Short - NSBi Acrylic Extensions

Having never used acrylics before I was quite nervous about starting this course. But the materials and video tutorials were extremely easy to follow and gave clear instructions. I was soon able to build confidence and submit my portfolio of photos. I was really happy to pass and receive my certificate!

Lucy Short - NSBi eFile

I decided to do this course to help me with the extension treatment that I offer to clients. I wanted to ensure that I could use my efile effectively without risk if damage to the clients nails.The course materials were clear and easy to follow and I was able to quickly build my confidence with the efile. I am delighted to have passed the course and receive my certificate.Thank you!

Erika Blagut - NSBi Ultimate Nail Art

Thank you so much. I am so happy that l finished successfully my second course.i ll recommending this Distance Learning Courses to my friends because so easy and comfortable to learn any free time after work or any days off.

Stacie Pickersgill - NSBi Lash Lift

Excellent course, well structured. The course manual is easy to understand and video tutorials are really helpful.

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