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Kate Howell

  • 18
  • Mar 2013

kate howellName: Kate Howell

Location: Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Courses Completed: Complete Nail Technicians

I am a single mum to my 7 year old son and we live in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. Prior to completing my courses, I was an admin assistant in a respite center for adults with learning disabilities (I still do this part time)

My story begins with the fact I used to be a bad nail biter, picking up the habit from my mother who, when pregnant, instead of craving used to chew things! Having bitten my nails for years I one day just stopped. As my nails started to grow so did a love of nail polish, eventually using experimental techniques to create nail art on my own nails. It wasn’t long before my friends were requesting that I painted theirs. They often made suggestions that I should do nails on a professional level and build a business from it. A suggestion that was brushed off – after all, for me it was just a hobby.

My mother was a business women and had built many businesses over the years. After she passed away in March 2012 I decided it was time to follow in her footsteps and took the plunge, booking myself onto a nail technician course with Next Step Beauty. I found Next Step through Google. I don’t know what made me choose them, they just felt right. Their support throughout was amazing (and even afterwards as well!) And its very handy to be able to post a picture onto their Facebook for help or critique where other students as well as the trainers offer help and advice. The videos in the online portal are also particularly useful.

I attended the nail course, passed in September 2012 and my business was launched in October. My original plan was to do mobile work but during my practice period I realised that I was really enjoying working from home. I didn’t have to rely on the use of a car, cart all my products around and I could fit it around life. I split one of my large rooms into half and set up a studio. I started off using a camping table propped up on bricks so it was high enough and a set of storage drawers and built it up over time and now it is like a proper mini salon with my nail art on display, posters and products on display. I still work part time at my admin job. I am still developing myself all the time, trying new things and the latest styles and I don’t think I will ever get bored! There is always something new to try. I plan on doing more courses with Next Step this year, starting with pedicures ready for the summer

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