The Many Faces Of Your Skin And The Routines To Combat Them

Our daily habits often change over the years and our skincare routines are certainly no different. Many of us will change it when the alleged latest and greatest magic cream hits the market and we get tempted. We will see stuff on TV or endorsed by the biggest celebrities and opt to give them a try or we may be swayed by our friends who swear by other products.

For whichever reasons we make a change to our skincare routine, is it a good idea to do so? Well the answer is an astounding yes. I am going to let you know exactly why we should always monitor our skincare routine and give you a handful of reasons why you should consider making changes to it:

Listen To Your Skin

Many of us simply ignore what our skin is trying to communicate to us, when we really should be listening to every bit of information it is passing on. One example would be when you are completely sure that your skin is oily but it changes. However, oily skin now does not mean that you will have it for the rest of your life.

Our skin changes and you may find yourself with either dry, oily skin or even start coming out in acne attacks. Alternatively, if you have skin conditions such as eczema you may find that your skincare routine is not providing the eczema help like it once did.

When Travelling

Some of us enjoy lengthy holidays or excursions away to places where the climate is completely different to what our skin is used to, yet many of us do not make any changes to our skincare routine in an attempt to compensate for those differences. Of course if the place you are going has a similar climate you have nothing to worry about, yet any major differences and you should be looking at changing up your routine.

If you are going somewhere hot such as the beach you should be using a light moisturizer and then plenty of sun tan lotion with a high SPF. Additionally, you may want to go for a product that contains no oil. This is because humidity can cause the skin to get oily.

In colder climates your skin could get dry due to the cold so make sure you go for products that can help remedy this.

When the Seasons Change

Whilst holidays are always a concern, so are the regular changes in our seasons, with changes to your skincare routine a consideration you should always make. The two major changes will obviously be when either the summer or winter season hits you. There really is no point using the heavier type of creams that you would in winter when the sun is blaring outside in the summer. Always be ready for the seasonal changes and your skin will repay you in kind.

As We Age

Whilst we all try and pretend that age is nothing more than a number, the wrinkles and fine lines will suggest otherwise. This is a prime reason for us to keep our skincare routine in line with any signs of aging that appear on our face. You will need to use products that are specifically designed to combat the signs of aging whilst you should treat your sunscreen as your very best friend.

Shifting Hormones

We as women go through many hormonal changes in our lifetime, whether through PMS, pregnancy or the menopause. These changes also affect the way your skin behaves too, such as you could find yourself having a breakout of pimples, your skin could start becoming dry or oily in ways that it never used to be.

You need to be addressing your routine as accordingly as you can, though if you are struggling to find a solution a trip to the dermatologist can give you the answers that you are looking for.

Emily Starr has worked for twenty years as a beautician and likes to use her wealth of knowledge to write guest blogs on topics ranging from where to get eczema help to which lipsticks are all the rage right now.