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Hopi Ear Candling Courses

Hopi Ear Candling Courses

hopi ear candling courseHopi Ear Candling Courses – Hopi ear candling is designed for therapists wishing to extend their qualifications within the holistic field. Our hopi ear candling course will begin with the history and benefits of Hopi ear candling, covering the effect on the ears, nose and throat, the conditions wish can benefit from the treatment, contra-indications, treatment procedure including lymphatic drainage massage, aftercare and product information. Whilst on our hopi ear candling courses, students will work on one another to experience the true feeling of Hopi ear candling and understand the effects from it as well as carrying out the treatment safely following correct procedures.

Earn up to £40 in 45 minutes by offering hopi ear candling treatment (that’s a potential earning of over £1000 a week!)

Our hopi ear candle courses offers the most comprehensive learning structure on the market. Just check out our course reviews to see why we are the UK’s leading course provider!

The industry has continued to grow over the past few years with more woman having treatments on a regular basis. Completing our courses is a great way to build a residual business as clients return every 3 – 4 weeks for their treatments. There are 340 million client visits across the industry each year (six per person per year), with the average household spend of £161, start learning to start earning!

BUY YOUR HOPI EAR CANDLING COURSES TODAY and get instant access to online course material including full detailed course manuals, tutorial videos and much more! Why Wait? Start learning TODAY!

Whats Included

hopi ear candling coursesHopi Ear Candling Courses – Whats Included

Our hopi ear candling courses offer the most comprehensive content. This unique hopi ear candling course includes:

  • A detailed hopi ear candle course manual with step by step guides and access to your online manual TODAY
  • Full online tutorial video’s accessible from any desktop, mobile or tablet computer. Simply purchase the hopi ear course and get instant access TODAY!
  • a full practical training session with an experienced industry tutor who has teaching qualification as well as industry experience.
  • FULLY ACCREDITED course and qualification allowing you to gain insurance to work on the paying public. Get your certificate on successful completion!
  • REAL SUPPORT which is continual before, during and long after your course!


Course Overview

Hopi Ear Candling Courses Overview

Our hopi ear candling courses structure offers both distance learning and practical training combined. Working at your own pace, our unique online student portal, which is accessible as soon as you purchase your course, provides full demonstration tutorial videos, hopi ear candles course manuals and student support systems allowing you to start learning straight away! You then attend the practical training to further enforce what your have already learnt and spend time with your tutor who will guide you to gaining your qualification and certification in hopi ear candles.

During the practical training session, all products and equipment will be supplied for you so there is no need to purchase a kit however we do recommend for the home study and practise periods. We do offer student starter kits for home use which can be purchased at the time of buying your hopi ear candling courses, during or even after you have completed!

Once you have successfully completed our hopi ear candling courses, you will gain a Next Step Beauty Diploma, which you will require to gain insurance to be able to offer hopi ear treatments to your clients.  Your certificate will be produced, accredited and then sent to you via post however in the meantime you are able to download a copy of your hopi ear certificate from your own student portal (within 48 hours of the course) allowing you to gain insurance straight away. Our student portal has been designed to offer an unrivalled student experience and has a host of resources available for you to use.

This course can be booked online or by contacting us.

Entry Requirements

Hopi Ear Candling Courses Entry Requirements

No previous experience, qualifications or knowledge within the industry is required to attend our hopi ear candling courses. The hopi ear course starts from a basic beginners level which is recommended for anyone wishing to go into the industry and learn how to provide hopi ear candling to clients.

Qualification & insurance

hopi ear candle coursesHopi Ear Candle Courses Qualification

Our hopi ear candling courses are FULLY ACCREDITED so on successfully completion of the course you will be awarded with the Next Step Beauty Diploma which enables you to obtain insurance.

Hopi Ear Candle Course Insurance

Our hopi ear candling courses are fully accredited with BABTAC. On successful completion of the hopi ear candle course a Next Step Beauty Diploma certificate will be issued and a photocopy of this will be required by the insurance company to process your application of insurance. We have partnered with leading insurance companies to offer you comprehensive insurance. For more information about insurance click on the insurance button at the bottom of the page.

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  • Comprehensive Hopi Ear Candling Courses:
    Our hopi ear candle courses are the most comprehensive giving you the opportunity to learn hopi ear candling and offer treatments to your clients.
  • Instant Course Access:
    Start learning TODAY! Buy the hopi ear candling courses and get instant access to all your training manuals, full demonstration tutorial videos and student support system through our dedicated, easy to use online portal. Then put all this into practice on our practical training session with qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Industry Recognised:
    Our hopi ear candling courses are fully accredited with BABTAC so you gain industry recognition through our fast (within 48 hours of course completion) certification service and insurance, to be able to work within the industry, through one of our partners.
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You can book the Hopi Ear Candling Course in anyone of our training centres nationwide which are listed below:

Norwich: Click here to see our Hopi Ear Candling course in Norwich


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