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How to Fake a Natural Looking Tan

With the winter just around the corner, you may be considering how to get your pasty white body looking beautifully sun-kissed during the cold winter months. There are a number of ways of doing this. Firstly

Why Sunscreen Is So Important

Finally it looks like summer is here with warm temperatures and a hint of sunshine lighting up the sky. Before you don that bikini and head to the beach

You Gotta Have a Gimmick!

Either you’re starting out in your beauty career, adding an extra something to your list of treatments or just have spray tanning under your belt as a little add on to make extra cash, you will see that the competitio

Perfect Professional Spray Tan

Perfect professional spray tan- Give every client a perfect spray tan with some simple techniques and guidelines. Preparation- The most important thing to think abo

Guide To Starting Your Own Tanning Salon

A tanning salon in your locality could be a great business idea. You can make a good living, meet interesting people and have something to leave for your children to inherit. A tanning salon has is all about

Victoria Arpels Interviews Marie Hills from Sunjunkie

Victoria Arpels Interviews Marie Hills from Sunjunkie

Recently our very own Victoria Arpels headed to Stockport to meet up with Sun Junkies Business Development Manager, Marie Hills to find out a little more a

Quick fix to an Instant Tan

Quick fix to an Instant Tan

Ok so I thought I would do you a blog on the one thing that is a MUST in my beauty bag – The Rimmel Instant Tan I honestly would be lost without this to hand,

Sienna X Launch touche de soleil

Sienna X Launch touche de soleil

If you are looking for a more natural tanning look during the winter months, Sienna X have promised to deliver with the new touché de soleil (a 6% tan) The product made

How to Keep a Tanned Body in Winter

How to Keep a Tanned Body in Winter

Winter is on its way, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your tan. Unlike blustery winds in winter, pasty skin is avoidable. Simply visit the tanning salon for a golden glow or if you

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