Can Spray Tanning Be Dangerous?

While there haven’t been extensive studies done on DHA and human cells, there have been studies on bacteria, animal, and other cells. Here’s a breakdown of what they found:

• DHA can penetrate the skin and be absorbed into living skin cells. It was previously believed that it didn’t get past the dead skin cells on top of your skin.

• Studies have found that DHA can alter the genes of cells. This hasn’t been proven to happen with human cells yet, but Rigel says typically if these results are found with bacteria or animal cells, human cell testing is next.

• In addition to cancer risk, Lynn Goldman, MD, MPH, dean of the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University, says there may also be risks for birth defects if a pregnant woman gets spray tans. However, this is only based on the initial studies done, since there have not been any studies on spray tanning and pregnant women.

It is important that you know all the risks for spray tanning prior to starting they treatment. A full and proper client consultation should be completed to assess the risk to the client. Next Step Nail and Beauty college provide a fully accredited (through BABTAC) spray tanning course in over 40 locations nationwide. As part of the course you will cover:

  • Benefits/reasons for spray tanning
  • Health and safety
  • Client consultation
  • Contra-indications and contra-actions
  • Product and equipment information
  • Spray tanning techniques
  • Practical experience of full body tan
  • Client preparation
  • Aftercare

Watch our spray tanning course video here to find out more: